Both in the field of paediatrics and adolescent medicine and in paediatric cardiology we have experience with the treatment of children of all ages and premature babies regardless of their birth weight or gestation week. We work in close collaboration with the Evangelisches Waldkrankenhaus Spandau and the Charité University hospital Berlin as well as other specialised paediatricians, special outpatient departments and paediatric clinics. This cooperation also enables us to provide optimised care for children with developmental disorders or disabilities. In the field of cardiology we also offer adult patients treatments on private invoice.

Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Within the framework of general paediatrics and adolescent medicine we offer the following services:

  • Medical care for premature babies, newborns, children and adolescents
  • Treatment of all acute and chronic illnesses; we design the treatment of chronic illnesses in cooperation with highly specialised paediatricians (e.g. bronchial asthma, obesity, neurodermatitis with nutritional and nursing advice).
  • Preventive medical checkups U2 to J2
  • All vaccinations according to the recommendations of the STIKO (Standing Vaccination Commission) and travel vaccinations (also for adults).
  • Individual vaccination advice
  • Medical fitness examinations and certificates for day care centres, schools or sports facilities
  • Childcare and school accident investigations
  • Small laboratory tests (e.g. blood count, CrP, urine diagnostics, streptococcal A rapid test)
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Parental counselling on topics such as healthy nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, breastfeeding, nutrition counselling for a healthy growth of the child or challenges in raising children.
  • Ultrasound examinations: e.g. infant hip, thyroid, internal organs, head, kidneys, urinary tract
  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Hearing and eye test
  • Psychosomatic primary care
  • Allergy diagnostics
  • Home visits in special cases

Paediatric Cardiology

In the area of paediatric cardiology and congenital heart disease, we start already at pregnancy. Together with leading prenatal diagnosticians and geneticists in Berlin and the surrounding area, we clarify paediatric cardiology questions from the beginning of pregnancy.

  • Diagnostics and therapy of congenital heart defects, acquired heart diseases, cardiac arrhythmia or cardiomyopathies
  • Clarification of heart murmurs, high blood pressure, chest pain
  • Cardiac Examinations such as
    • Echocardiography (heart ultrasound): Echocardiography is used to examine and evaluate the anatomy and function of the heart, the aorta and pulmonary arteries and the venous system with very good sensitivity of the colour Doppler using high-end machine (high-end image quality).
    • ECG (electrocardiography): This procedure records the electrical activity of the heart.
    • Holter ECG: Here the recording takes place over a period of 24 hours. You will receive a device from us that you take home with you and return to the practice the next day.
    • Exercise ECG: Exercise electrocardiography is used to assess cardiac function during exercise, e.g. on a bicycle.
    • Holter blood pressure: Using modern technology, continuous blood pressure measurement is carried out over 24 hours without inflating a cuff, which is very pleasant for the Patient. The long-term ECG is written at the same time. This allows two important investigations to be carried out simultaneously.
    • Spirometry/Spiroergometry: Heart and lung function are assessed under exercise.
    • Cardiac pacemaker test: in planning

Cardiology/Adults with congenital and acquired heart disease

In the field of cardiology / adults with congenital heart diseases, we offer the services listed above for all patients over 18 years of age on private invoice. Please make an appointment with us.